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Live Results From Top NCAA Teams' Wrestling Match Between Iowa and Penn State

Follow along as the top two NCAA wrestling teams, Penn State and #2 Iowa, square off.

Watch the biggest dual of the year between the top-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions and the second-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in State College, Pennsylvania.

Watch the biggest dual of the year between the top-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions and the second-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes in State College, Pennsylvania.

Projected lineups for Iowa vs. Penn State 125: #1 Iowan Spencer Lee's technical fall Penn State's Marco Vespa is 18-2.

Vespa scores early in the first period with a fast shot off the whistle, but Lee scores on a reverse to knot the game at 2-2. With 2:04 left in the frame, Lee scores a four-point tilt to increase its advantage to 6-2. With 1:23 remaining, Lee scores another four-point run for a 10-2 advantage. With 1:03 left, Lee scores a fourth four-point near fall on a tilt, followed by a fifth four-point tilt for an 18-2 technical fall.

133: Roman Bravo-Young, No. 1 (Penn State) Brody Teske (Iowa), FALL #12, 5:50

Midway through the first session, there was still no score. With 33 seconds left, RBY scores on a single close to the edge to take a 2-0 lead. Teske rose to his feet despite RBY continuing to ride. RBY is ahead 2-0.

Teske begins the second session from the bottom. Teske escapes with 1:17 remaining to halve the deficit. A double by RBY at the conclusion of the inning gives them a 4-1 lead overall.

Third period: Bravo-Young choose the middle ground.

Bravo-Young scores with a single, but Teske escapes right away to take the advantage (6-2). Teske is penalized for stalling twice, giving RBY a 7-2 advantage. With 10 seconds left, RBY receives a near-side cradle off a shot by Teske for a fall.

141: Iowa's Real Woods defeats Penn State's Beau Bartlett by a score of 4-1.

First period: Bartlett blocks a low shot from Woods and attempts a headlock, but it goes out of bounds and returns to neutral. Excellent action in the opening 20 seconds. Still 0-0. Halfway through the first, Woods knocks a single, continues to play hard, and scores to put his team up 2-0. Woods holds on to win the frame 2-0.

Second period: Woods still leads, 2-1, but Bartlett gets out of the bottom position right away. The rest of the quarter was scoreless.

In the third session, Woods starts on the bottom and Bartlett lets him go for a 3-1 advantage. In the waning seconds, Bartlett tries a couple scoring efforts, but Woods prevails 4-1 with riding time.

149: #12 Shayne Van Ness (Penn State) is defeated by #10 Max Murin (Iowa), 4-1.

With one minute left in the first period, Van Ness attempts a slide-by, but Murin counters. Still no result. Van Ness cruises through despite Murin's single, so there is still no score.

Second period: Murin is dedicated to the ride and Van Ness starts from the bottom. Van Ness rises up, lowers his hips, and successfully makes a getaway to take the lead 1-0.

Murin selects last in the third period.

157: Penn State's #12 Levi Haines defeats Iowa's #14 Cobe Siebrecht, 3-2

Haines scores a low single in the first quarter, but with 30 seconds remaining, a tie is declared. Haines attempts a second shot, but Siebrecht succeeds and a potentially hazardous call is made. Not a point.

Haines takes bottom and escapes during an exhilarating flurry for a 1-0 lead in the second period. After a good scramble to start the quarter, there were no goals scored the rest of the way.

Third period: Siebrecht takes the ball at the bottom and makes a break for it in seven seconds to tie the game at one. To take the lead 3-1, Haines gets a takedown off of a high crotch. A few seconds later, Siebrecht escapes, behind by one. Even though Siebrecht tries to position himself for a throw, Haines is walked off the field. At the end of the period, Haines is in on a shoot, but he fails to score. Win by Haines is 3-2.

165: #11 2-1 victory for Iowa's Patrick Kennedy over Penn State's Alex Facundo.

No goals were scored midway through the first period. There was no scoring in the opening frame.

Kennedy begins the second session from the bottom and quickly makes his way to the top. Facundo tried to dive beneath, but he sailed right by Kennedy. At the completion of the first quarter, Kennedy is still in the lead, 1-0.

Third period: Facundo gets off to a slow start but quickly recovers to tie the game at one. The rest of the quarter was scoreless.

Kennedy hit a single in the first 30 seconds, but with 1:07 remaining, the game was declared a tie. After firing a shot, Kennedy locks up a cradle, but Facundo manages to escape, and the situation is declared a stalemate. Zero points.

Kennedy was eliminated during the tie-breaking period in four seconds. Facundo decides to spend his allotted 30 seconds in neutral. Kennedy prevails 2-1 after Facundo tried a fireman's/high crotch and Kennedy lowered his hips.

174: Penn State's #1 Carter Starocci defeats #17 2-1 Nelson Brands (Iowa)

A scoreless opening period.

Second period: In 19 seconds, Starocci takes the bottom and escapes. The rest of the session was scoreless, but Brands received a late stall warning.

Third quarter: Brands choose last. With 41 seconds remaining, Starrocci completes a minute of riding time. With 30 seconds left, Brands successfully escapes, tying the game at 1. With riding time, Starocci triumphs 2-1.

184: Tech. fall, No. 1 Aaron Brooks (Penn State). (Iowa) Drake Rhodes, 22-7

First period: A double by Brooks gives the team a 2-0 lead, but a quick escape makes it 2-1. The score increases to 4-1 after another double and 4-2. A pick of the ankle makes it 6-2. With 45 seconds left, Brooks scores four points to make the score 10-2.

Rhodes selects bottom in the second session, and he flees in five seconds. Rhodes misses his shot, Brooks takes him down, Rhodes escapes, but Brooks scores on an instant double, making the score 14-4. At the end of the quarter, Rhodes' escape makes it 14-5, he scores on a go-ahead, and Brooks scores on a single after Rhodes' escape. The riding period is fixed.

Third period: With 1:15 remaining, Brooks picks Rhodes' ankle and immediately scores a takedown. Rhodes manages to escape, giving Brooks a 22-7 technical victory.

197: Iowa's Jacob Warner at No. 2 Max Dean (Penn State)

A scoreless opening period.

Dean picks last in the second period.

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