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This is why Samsung Galaxy 22 is better than Galaxy 23

After introducing the Galaxy S23, Samsung cut the price on the Galaxy S22. Does the $100 discount make the Galaxy S22 a more compelling choice than the S23 and its modest upgrades?

What is the best Samsung version 2023

This past week, Samsung gave us our long-awaited official first look at the Galaxy S23 family, introducing us to a trio of new flagship phones. However, for some folks, an old favorite may end up being the greatest Samsung phone to purchase.

galaxy s23 ultra price?

samsung galaxy s22 price

That would be the Galaxy S22, the flagship model from the previous year that the Galaxy S23 is expected to replace. Samsung is switching things up this year, maintaining the model from the previous year but charging less for it. The Galaxy S22 is already available for $699, while the Galaxy S23 will launch at a price of $799.

Our natural tendency when looking for new technology is to choose the newest and finest, but the Galaxy S22's continuous inclusion in the Galaxy product line throws us a surprise. The more costly Galaxy S23 Ultra has the most extensive updates of this year's Samsung flagships; see our ongoing review of the Galaxy S23 Ultra to find out what we think so far. In contrast, the basic S23 has less significant modifications. So, would it be better for you to choose the Galaxy S22 and save $100?

After introducing the Galaxy S23, Samsung cut the price on the Galaxy S22. Does the $100 discount make the Galaxy S22 a more compelling choice than the S23 and its modest upgrades?

Here is a detailed breakdown of the new features and similarities between the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22. Instead, our goal is to examine the pros and drawbacks of choosing the older S22 over the more recent Galaxy S23, as well as what you would forfeit if you did.

Why the Galaxy S22 is a good buy

It doesn't take much time to review the Galaxy S23's specifications to realize that not much has changed from the previous generation. There is a new CPU, which will be discussed in more detail below, and the display will likely be brighter (not that the Galaxy S22's screen was in any way dull). But the Galaxy S22's Galaxy S22's screen size, refresh rate, level of water and dust protection, and charging speed are all the same.

Galaxy S23Galaxy S22
Display6.1-inch FHD AMOLED6.1-inch FHD AMOLED
Refresh rate48 - 120Hz adaptive48 - 120Hz adaptive
Rear cameras50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x telephoto50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x telephoto
Front camera12MP selfie10MP selfie
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen 2Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB
Battery3,900 mAh3,700 mAh
Charging25W wired/10W wireless25W wired/10W wireless
Water/dust resistanceIP68IP68
Size5.75 x 2.79 x 0.29 inches5.7 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches
Weight5.8 ounces5.9 ounces
ColorsBlack, Cotton, Green, PurplePhantom Black, Phantom White, Green, Pink Gold, Bora Purple

This is especially clear when you look at the back cameras on both Galaxy models. Samsung chose to use the same 50MP primary camera on the Galaxy S23 that it used on the S22, making no modifications to the three back lenses. The 10MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide lenses are also interchangeable. The Galaxy S23 has a 12MP sensor and better focusing, therefore the front camera is updated, but other than that, the camera technology remains same.

Even while there are other factors besides hardware that go into mobile photography, it's safe to assume that any images you take with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 will not appear all that different from one another. Even if the Galaxy S23 is said to offer improved low-light photography features, it's important to keep in mind that Samsung began their entire "Nightography" effort with the debut of the Galaxy S22.

After introducing the Galaxy S23, Samsung cut the price on the Galaxy S22. Does the $100 discount make the Galaxy S22 a more compelling choice than the S23 and its modest upgrades?

In other words, even while the Galaxy S23 takes somewhat better pictures than the Galaxy S22, the older model's cameras and photo-editing software were still sufficient to keep it rated among the top camera phones for the better part of a year. You might not be able to distinguish significant changes in photo quality between an S23 and an S22 to warrant the $100 price difference.

The Galaxy S23 introduces One UI 5.1, which adds a lot of intriguing features to Samsung's smartphones. We anticipate the Galaxy S22 will ultimately receive the software upgrade. Therefore, even though the Galaxy S23 may currently be the only device with capabilities like Bixby Text Call, this is unlikely to last for very long.

While we're talking about software, it's crucial to take into account Samsung's software policy. The phone manufacturer commits to providing OS upgrades for four years and five years of security support. Even though the Galaxy S22 is a year older, Samsung offers the finest degree of support of any manufacturer of Android phones, ensuring that it will continue to be a competitive device for some time to come.

Therefore, even if the Galaxy S22 would cost $100 less, you would still receive a lot. Some shoppers on a tight budget may find it difficult to pass that up.

What you give up with a Galaxy S22

With the Galaxy S22 from a year ago, you still get a lot of premium capabilities, but you do have to give up certain features in exchange for the cheaper starting price. The improved chipset in Samsung's new phone is the most notable of these.

That would be the Qualcomm's top-tier silicon equipped with a customized processor called the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy. We have finished some preliminary Galaxy S23 Ultra benchmarks, despite not yet being able to do specialized Galaxy S23 performance testing. Furthermore, the premium S23 model's new processor outperformed the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powering the Galaxy S22 Ultra by 44% on Geekbench 5's multicore test. In graphical tests, the new Ultra also outperformed the previous model. It makes sense to expect that the Galaxy S23 will have a similar performance improvement over the S22.

BenchmarkGalaxy S23 UltraGalaxy S22 Ultra
Geekbench 5 single-core1,3961,240
Geekbench 5 multicore4,8823,392
3DMark Wild Life Unlimited (fps)79.357

But it's not simply a power increase. Additionally, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is said to be more power-efficient. One of the few areas where the Galaxy S22 truly fell short was battery life, and that, along with a slightly bigger battery in the Galaxy S23, should help the new phone improve on that.

Although I dismissed some of the Galaxy S23-specific advances in photo-editing, it's important to note that they exist. Enhancements including an AI-powered system that improves color and detail in low-light images could help the Galaxy S23. We won't know how much of an advantage there is until we test the cameras, but owners of the Galaxy S23 will benefit from it more than those of the S22.

While the Galaxy S22 may now be less expensive than the Galaxy S23, this does not account for some of the presale bonuses that come with the new phone. For instance, when you preorder the Galaxy S23(opens in new tab), Samsung will automatically update your storage, enabling you to receive a 256GB device for the price of a 128GB version. Samsung will also give you a credit of up to $100.

Galaxy S23: $100 in credit at Samsung plus more storage

One of the top websites for Galaxy S23 bargains is Samsung. You may get a free memory/storage upgrade and a $100 Samsung credit when you preorder the Galaxy S23 from Samsung. The phones are also available exclusively from Samsung in Lime, Graphite, Sky Blue, or Red. Samsung will even allow you to buy your phone directly from the Samsung website on any network.

If you choose the Galaxy S22, you will need to spend more to obtain the 256GB model, however it is important to note that the device's revised $749 beginning price is still lower than that of the S23. Additionally, you may see if there are any more savings opportunities by looking at the top Galaxy S22 bargains. (Samsung, for instance, will give you a discount on the S22 if you trade in your current phone.)

Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 — which should you buy?

Due to its quicker CPU, larger battery, and several other advancements, the Galaxy S23 may ultimately prove to be the more useful phone for your requirements. (We'll have a more conclusive judgment after we've finished testing the phone, but for some first thoughts, read our initial Galaxy S23 hands-on.) But it's great that Samsung continues to provide a less expensive option that doesn't sacrifice functionality.

It's not always easy to choose between the Galaxy S22's cheaper pricing and the Galaxy S23's small enhancements. However, it's a good conundrum to have overall.

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