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Correct way to cook broccoli and keep its color

Do you like to incorporate cooked vegetables, especially broccoli, in your meals? Do you fear that heating or boiling it would ruin its color or shape? Broccoli has a number of health benefits due to its high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins. It also supports the immune system, blood pressure, and digestion. You may use broccoli in a number of meals, such as spaghetti with vegetables or chicken with honey sauce, if you learn how to boil it correctly using the best method.

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  1. Heat a pot of water over medium heat.
  2.  Add the broccoli when it boils and stir the ingredients with a spoon until it is cooked.
  3. Season it with a little salt, and after fifteen minutes, make sure that the broccoli is done with your hands: press on the bottom of the broccoli and make sure that it is soft.
  4. Remove the broccoli from the water and place it in a bowl of cold water and ice.

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By doing this, you may keep the broccoli's color and form without it withering, and you can use it to garnish poultry and beef meals in the evenings. Due to the color and form change in cooked veggies like black beans, carrots, and peas, some kids choose not to eat them.  

 Prepare the most delicious dishes with tasty and reviving veggies, then surprise your kids with vibrant vegetable dishes like sautéed vegetables or vegetable soup. Boil these vegetables and others in the same manner as broccoli






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