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Bracket for the 2023 SEC Basketball Tournament based on standings if the regular season ended today

 Will Big Blue Nation begin the SEC Tournament on Thursday at Bridgestone Arena next month?

Kentucky would not receive the double bye going into the games on February 4 since it is now in fifth position in the SEC rankings. If the Wildcats' current surge in conference play continues through February, that will change. However, UK still trails the three teams tied for second place by one game as of right now.

There will be a lot of rankings shifting between now and March, but here is how the SEC Tournament would be structured if it began today.

SEC basketball standings

As of 10 p.m. on Feb. 4; conference records in parenthesis; underlined and italicized teams are locked into seed

  1.  Alabama (10-0)
  2.  Tennessee (8-2)
  3.  Texas A&M (8-2)
  4.  Auburn (7-3)
  5.  Kentucky (7-3)
  6.  Florida (6-4)
  7. Missouri (5-5)
  8.  Arkansas (5-5)
  9.  Vanderbilt (4-6)
  10. Georgia (4-6)
  11.  Mississippi State (3-7)
  12. Ole Miss (1-9)
  13. LSU (1-9)
  14.  South Carolina (1-9)

SEC Tournament schedule.. if the regular season ended today

Tournament played at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville

Wednesday, March 8

Game 1: 12-seed Ole Miss vs. 13-seed LSU

Game 2: 11-seed Mississippi State vs. 14-seed South Carolina

Thursday, March 9

Game 3: 8-seed Arkansas vs. 9-seed Vanderbilt

Game 4: 5-seed Kentucky vs. Game 1 winner

Game 5: 7-seed Missouri vs. 10-seed Georgia

Game 6: 6-seed Florida vs. Game 2 winner


Friday, March 10

Game 7: 1-seed Alabama vs. Game 3 winner

Game 8: 4-seed Auburn vs. Game 4 winner

Game 9: 2-seed Tennessee vs. Game 5 winner

Game 10: 3-seed Texas A&M vs. Game 6 winner

Saturday, March 11

Game 11: Game 7 winner vs. Game 8 winner

Game 12: Game 9 winner vs. Game 10 winner

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