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Calabria responds forcefully to the numerous fabrications surrounding the Milan team


Davide Calabria, the captain of AC Milan, has addressed some of the "falsehoods" that have been spreading around the team.

With only one victory in their first eight games of the new year, Milan are now in terrible shape. Calabria has been singled out for criticism for his play.

Due to the poor start to the season, there have been rumors of disputes between Stefano Pioli and several players as well as questions about the harmony—or lack thereof—in the locker room, all of which have become quite usual in the world of football media when things are not going well.

In order to respond to some of the stories directed at the team, Calabria felt compelled to speak out on their behalf and shared a statement on his Instagram story.

"Losing or winning, as well as criticism, are realities of life. We are the first to admit that we are unhappy with it and that we wish to alter it. The numerous lies that have been circling around me, my buddies, and myself for a few days are something we do not accept in an absolute sense, he stated.

Our group is amazing, healthy, and comprised primarily of men who genuinely care about one another and have high moral standards. We will continue to keep our heads down and work diligently; stop making these ridiculous assertions.

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