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Following back surgery, Hulk Hogan "Is Doing Well and Is Not Paralyzed," according to a rep

 According to a representative for the former wrestler, Hulk Hogan's latest back operation did not leave him crippled.

Hulk Hogan was the topic of conversation during Sunday's 

Hogan, 69, was the subject of discussion on Sunday's broadcast of The Kurt Angle Show. According to the presenter, Hogan shared some important information regarding his health during the production of the WWE Monday Night Raw 30th anniversary special, which aired on Jan. 23.

"Hogan underwent more back surgery. His lower body's nerves were severed, "According to Angle's podcast. "His lower body is completely numb. He is confined to using a cane to go around. I assumed he was using the cane due of back trouble. He is not in any discomfort. He is completely without. He lacks any sensation. He can no longer feel his legs, which makes it difficult for him to walk without a cane."

However, a spokesperson for Hogan informed Entertainment Tonight that the former WWE star is "doing well and is not paralyzed," despite the Olympic gold medalist's fears. Hogan appeared on the first segment of the wrestling company's tribute show without any apparent limitations.

"Everything is OK with him," they added. "Hulk is someone with a lot of humor."

When PEOPLE contacted Hogan's representative, they did not react right away. Another representative was silent.

During a 2021 interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn, Hogan's 34-year-old daughter Brooke discussed her father's health struggle and said that he has endured roughly 25 surgeries in the previous ten years.

She said on the podcast's episode from October 27, 2021, "He's had both shoulders scoped, and he had his whole bicep...and everything wrapped up in his shoulder last year." "It was a catastrophe. He contracted MRSA, and it was rather severe. Then we had to go back."

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