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Prices of the most expensive cars in the world

Find out the prices of the most expensive cars in the world

The world's most expensive cars attract attention wherever they are, as they are the most luxurious, fastest, and most powerful cars in the world, in addition to being the most unique cars, and their high price reflects the owner's ability to buy the best models in the world of luxury cars.

The competition in the manufacture of luxury and expensive cars is intense between the manufacturers of luxury brands, and each of these companies is trying to prove that its production is the best and deserves to be sold at the most expensive price , through quality workmanship, engine, power, luxury, and things targeting this particular category of customers, because it is the most expensive car . In the world, few are able to buy it because its value may exceed one million dollars, and this car can be made for a specific person agreed upon in advance. Companies also boast of selling the most luxurious cars to world stars such as soccer players, artists, businessmen and prominent politicians.

Everyone dreams of driving luxury cars that are linked to the concept of precious industries and experience the quality of the materials manufactured from them and the capabilities of their engines that produce more power than others and make them more capable of acceleration, but the question that arises: What is the most expensive car in the world?

Learn about the list that we have prepared for the most expensive cars in the world .

The Carthe price
ASPARK OWL ASPARK OWL2.9 million euros
 Bugatti Divo5 million euros
Lamborghini Veneno7.3 million euros
 ROLLS-ROYCE SWEPTAIL 11.6 million euros
ROLLS-ROYCE BOAT TAIL23 million euros


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  • 10- ASPARK OWL (2.9 million euros)

If you are a fan of electric cars, you should not miss Aspark Owl. It is the fastest car in the world and the most expensive electric car, and it is equipped with 4 super powerful electric motors that allow it to go from 0 to 96 km / h in a record time: only 1.69 seconds!

There are only 50 copies of this car.

  • 9- Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (4.2 million euros)

Even if it wasn't well known, a car like this could wreak havoc in terms of price and power. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita weighs only 1280 kg and allows you to go from 0 to 200 km / h in just 8.75 seconds, displaying more than 1000 horse power and its carbon fiber bonded body allows you to have a very light and shiny body.
  • 8 - Bugatti Divo (5 million euros)

With an exceptional design, the Bugatti Divo is never far from causing chaos. All Bugatti Chiron owners have been seduced by the exceptional qualities of this model. It weighs 34 kilograms less than the Chiron but has more refined aerodynamics.

  • 7- MERCEDES-MAYBACH EXELERO (7 million euros)

This model is not only one of the most expensive cars in the world, it is also one of a kind. Only one copy was produced at the request of Fulda, a subsidiary of German Goodyear. In fact, this car had to test new tire models. Its performance was a success: it had a 5.9-liter engine and 700 horsepower. Rapper Birdman could not resist, acquiring this precious wonder.

  • 6- Lamborghini Veneno (7.3 million euros)

Inspired by the Aventador, the Lamborghini was produced in only 9 copies. Its strength is unproven: it can reach a speed of 355 km / h and is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine. All this explains its high price: more than 7 million euros.

  • 5- BUGATTI CENTODIECI (8 million euros)

The Bugatti Centodice is a tribute to the Bugatti EB110. It has a power of 1600 horsepower produced by the 8-liter W16 engine and reaches a speed of 380 km / h. There are only 8 copies and they are all sold out. With a value of 8 million euros, the Bugatti is one of the five most expensive cars in the world.

  • 4 - ROLLS-ROYCE SWEPTAIL (11.6 million euros)

If you are a fan of luxury cars, then you definitely know the Rolls-Royce brand. But you may not know that this template was specially designed based on the request of an anonymous customer? You will find both luxury and nautical aspects of this model, at a fraction of the price of ... 11.6 million euros.

  • 3- PAGANI ZONDA HP BARCHETTA (15.7 million euros)

Does the Pagani legend speak to you? This is one of the most mysterious cars in history. There is only speculation about its technical characteristics. It is an exceptional convertible that keeps the 7.3-liter AMG V12 engine that can produce around 800 hp, or so we think.

  • 2- The black Bugatti car BUGATTI LA VOITURE NOIRE (15.9 million euros)

Exceptional: that's all we can say about this car.

Engine 8 liters, 16 cylinders, 1500 horsepower, these are the characteristics of its engine.

Only one copy was ever produced, bought by a Swiss who was able to appreciate the true craftsmanship behind it.

  • 1- ROLLS-ROYCE BOAT TAIL (23 million euros)

At a price of 23 million euros, the most expensive car in the world is the Rolls-Royce Boattail. 

Another luxury car model built at the behest of a mysterious client. It is the most expensive car ever.

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